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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cheer up life.

As i grew older,  i realized that life is getting harder.  Its not getting simple and happy at all. When i thought everything will be okay after i graduated from degree. 

And here i am,  live the life that i cant barely accept the way it is,  live the life that i will never be happy,  i know,  we will never know  until the end of the day. So that means we have to keep living this way?. 

Time. Please wait.  I will change. I will make a new decision,  everytime i fall,  ill stand up and walking again,  i will never turning back. And i will never ever says 'kalau aku still kerja kat sana mesti.... '

Never.  I will leave,  trust me. life never been easy from the very beginning.  Never for me.  Kalau nak hidup senang,  memang takkan dapat,  ada cuma terselit dalam hari hari yg kita lalui hari- hari.

Kalau aku kata aku kerja susah,  tipu.  Aku kerja senang sangat.  Kerja yang simple,  duduk depan pc. Kadang xyah pakai otak. Kadang bodoh ja duduk situ. Then one day i got scolded,  asked me to improve the office,  and give benefit to the office,  jgn asyik main fon ja.

The part of main fon,  yes,  i admit my fault and it only happens once, after i finished my sijil job witch took me about 2weeks straight to finish it, and just that day aku rileks kejap sbb takde job sgt. What kind of improvement that i can make,  bila byk benda aku suggest di diamkan. My enthusiasm gone waste at the beginning of the job, how come that spirit will come again whenever people don't  appreciate.

Oh well,  tak appreciate works tu biasalah. Tp bila dh kata aku tak buat kerja tu aku tak follow up tu dh mcm keterlaluan jugak lah. Me myself,  is the most rajin student ever, self-proclaimed whetever .  But when it comes to buat untuk others,  please have a respect,  you want me to improve this and that,  first improve how do you works with your words.

Ah malas nk cakap banyak,  kalau dh tak suka tu,  it could be anything right?  I hate it. But this is my fate,  coz maybe someday ill say thanks,  coz gimme opportunity and made me realized how important my decision for myself. 😂😂😂😂

So,  dear myself,  dear you and me.

Buatlah keputusan yang terbaik dlm hidup,  dont waste your life,  your time.  Memang kita takkan tauu pun apa keputusan kita tu ok ke tak smpai kita kene hadap kita punya decision. Ask Allah.

Its okay,  we can always give ourself another chance. Give ourself life,  opportunity that our heart want it.
Kadang mmg hidup tak seperti yg kita nak. Mmg tak dapatlah semua benda jadi kan,  the thing is,  kau happy ke tak?

Cari benda yg buat kau happy dan takkan myesal seumur hidup kau.

Trust me.

Duit tu penting,  tapi kau?  Sapa lagi penting. Buat benda yg kau suka. Benda kau nak,  tp jgn buat half-hearted.  And you know,  jalan yg buat kita bahagia tu pun belum tentu jalan yang bahagia.

Dear kazehaya,
I will come to you one day
Holding these daisies.
That will remind us, the hardship
That we gone through,
The fate that we never know.
The love we never taste,
The excuses for us to meet.

I will always pray the Best for you.
And for me and us.
If we're not meant to be, then
I hope i will still be happy,
With Allah's fate. I trust Him.

But maybe if someday
We're meant to be

I will come to you,
To  hear that you love me,
And ask me to marry you,
And i will say
I love you

Sincerely,  perempuan gatal.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reaching you

I wonder what kind of reason should I make for us to meet?

Or maybe ill just be honest,  and tell you what it really means.

To spend time with you and to always by your side.

Be honest, but everybody dont want to be an annoying person isn't it? 

But is it okay for me to be annoying after all?

Maybe I could lower my ego and ask you about yourself.

Or maybe i will just keep watching you from far?  But now,  you stay in a world where even my eyes reach you.

Will my feeling reach you?will you ever Notice me? 

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"wahai orang-orang yang beriman, Mengapa kamu mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak kamu kerjakan?" "Allah sangat benci jika kamu mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak kamu kerjakan" Assoff:2-3