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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Build confidence part 1

hYe Guys,..ouwh...this is really awful coz I've to speak english.
well, if I make many mistake just leave it. not important
but the important is, you ! understand what I'am talking about.

ouwh...seriously my hand felt a little bit broken(whatever) 
coz I'am driving for the very first tyme from KL-KUANTAN my muscle and joint feel culture shock..haha..

Ok, back to the topic (thank god), I just found the book title
well, it is the old book but, 
I wanna share something that can be shared .. :)
I am very sure, mmg rugi ar korang xbace(ayat ni xtau dalam english)

These three simple action automatically and instantaneously banish shyness. CONFIDENT ACTION PRODUCE CONFIDENT THINKING (Allah, I really like this quotes)

so, to think confidently, act confidently. Act the way you want to feel, below are five confidence building exericses. Read these guides carefully. Then make a conscious effort to practise them and build your confidence.

1 ) Be a Front seater, Ever notice in meetings--in masjid, classrooms and other kind of assemblies-- how the back seats fill up first?Most folks scramble to sit in the back rows so the wont be "too conspicuous" . And the reason they are afraid to be conspicuous is that they lack confidence.

sitting up front builds confidence. Practise it. From now on make it a rule to sit as close to the front as you can. sure you may be a little conspicuous in the front but remember there is nothing inconspicuous about success. (oh dear..I like this words too)

2 ) Practise Making Eye contact. How a person uses his eyes tells us a lot about him. Instinctively, you ask yourself  question about the fellow who doesn't look you in the eye. "what's he trying to hide? what's he afraid of ? is he trying  to put something over on me? is he holding something back?"

usually failure to make eye contact says one of two things, " I feel weak beside you, I feel inferior to you, I'm afraid of you" or avoiding  another person's eyes may say.  " I feel guilty. I've done something or I've thought something that I don't want you to know. I'm afraid if I let my eyes connect with yours, you will see through me." 

you say nothing good about yourself when avoid making eye contact. you say "I'm afraid, I'm lack confidence" . conquer this fear by making yourself look the other person in the eyes.

Looking the other person in the eye tell him ." I'm honest and above board. I believe in what I'm telling you. I'm not afraid. I'm confident. "

make your eyes work for you. Aim them right at the other person's eyes. it not gives you confidence . it wins you confidence, too. tired to time I'll continue 3 tips how to build confidence and destroy the fear. fiuhh~perhaps you guys will practise it. a student..this tips is very useful, and I wish it really beneficial for me too..uhuk'ss..

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