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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Ya tuhan,
Apa agaknya yang terjadi pada aku lepasni?
Hidup apa yg aku bakal lalui ?
Siapa yang akan aku hidup bersamasama kesusahan ini?
Apa jalan yg akan aku pilih atau jalan yg telah lama engkau sediakan?
Adakah apa yg aku lalui ini mendekatkan aku kepadaMu?  Kalau ya,  aku redha. Kalau tidak ampunkan aku.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

At the bottom.

Seriously,  i think i'm at the bottom if my life right now.

I dont know if i can get any lower and below.

But, for now i feel like dying.  Iam dying. Im dying, i could even imagine myself commit suicide. Nauzubillah.

Remember this, this pain. I will never forget. This pain is shit,  lantaklah apa nak kata ujian ke,  better life will come later ker,  or lesson learnt ke,  pegi jalan lah.  Takleh terima dah.

3month dlm hell.idk if the real hell is how hellish is that hell. Ini sikit ada org byk kena, dh jgn compare lagi.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

To where she belong

Hati hati dengan apa kita minta dengan Allah. Hati hati bila berdoa. Hati hati bila niatkan sesuatu.  Kerana pabila Allah kabulkan kita tak mampu nk handle consequence yg kita tak jangka.

Kau mintak,  tuhan alihkan pemikiran kau supaya tak fikir masalah,  Allah akan dtgkan kau benda lain yg akan lg membebankan. Alihkan pemikiran kau tak bermaksud benda lagi better dari dulu,  kadang bila lagi berat lagi kau tak nak fikir benda yg kau mintak nak avoid dulu. Faham?.

Tapi takpalah tu urusan kau dgn Allah. Tiap org lain request, dan lain ujian. Walaupun kita tahu sbnrnya Allah dh tahu apa ada dlm hati kita tanpa kita sebut. Oh well,

Harini sblm umi bergerak pegi umrah,  we had a kinda short-deep farewell hugs. Duduk satu rumah jrg jumpa jrg bcakap. So bila umi akan pergi for 2 weeks ni umrah pulak tu,  so yeah.

I cried,  mom actually cried too because when i hugged her i asked her to pray for me,  to be a good daughter,  good person that can bring out everything in me,  and i told her i want to be a great person,  with a great heart and deeds and also i hope that someday ill meet the job that i will love with all my heart.

So, after that mom said

'Tau tak apa abah mintak doa utk korg? '
'Apa? '

I was actually shocked,  at the same time sad and dissapointed. Idk why,  tp rasa mcm ive been burned to him since i stayed and kerja kat rumah. I didnt help much. Padahal logic je hari hari parents doakan jodoh utk kita,  but this time it felt different,  sbb mmg ktorg family mana penah ckp pasal jodoh apa smua. Sbb masinh2 diam senyap je.  (Me and my sister).

At this age,  tu je yg aku rasa.  Burden and he wants to send me off.  To another person. Sbb mybe abah dh xleh tanggung aku apa aku nk buat. Aku pulak tak serious nak cari kerja. Kerja sikit dh merungut zaman belajar xyah kiralah tahan je lah mom dad tu.

For the first time in my life, i thought that i dont want to get married forever. Sblm ni xterfikir pun sgt pasal kahwin, family, hidup asing tanggungjwab, bla blaaa (coz i never been serious bout getting married lah). Aku nak stay mcm ni je selamanya. But dad, said that for reasons. Firasat bapak biasalah lah misteri sgt kita tak tahu apa dia fikir. But i hope one day, if abah really wants me to get married, i will tp xtahu lah dgn sapa just for the sake dont want to be burden kat dia.

After dengar pasal doa jodoh tu, aku tekad nk sewa rumah sendiri, cari keje tetap buy car, send money homes, join jemaah. Buat kerja jemaah.  I will just balik sekali sekala hantar buah tangan for mom dad, and shows them that iam fine alone, without abah supports or suami support. Nak jd independant xsemestinya kena kahwin or wte. I dont like the idea.

Tbh, aku belum lg larat nk pikul tgjwb sbg isteri or mak sbb tgjwb sbg ahli jemaah or seorg anak pun aku dh lari jauh. Tak mbantu apa apa. Aku mmg tak berguna. Tak siapa tahu aku graduated dari uiam dgn cemerlang menang byk competition and good cgpa and marks aku klua jd manusia duduk bwh tempurung and jd manusia paling tak berguna pada masyarakat even kepada keluarga sendiri.
Aku benci diri aku sbb aku tak buat apa perubahan. Duduk bilik tak habis2 express pakai berus dan kanvas. Smpai bila duduk bawah bayang crush tak suka aku. Tp aku suka dia so bad and went crazy.

For such a smart person who cant control her feelings and emotion, yeah she actually so dumb and useless.cant even make her own decision, crying all night and hv deep late night thought that would destroy her morning and works.  She thought she cool enough, strong and smart. But she is nothing but an empty shell. She is helpless, and stupid cant think right and every decision looks like a suicide routes.

I just hope one day, she dont hang herself and write 'i quit'  just like in 3 idiots.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cheer up life.

As i grew older,  i realized that life is getting harder.  Its not getting simple and happy at all. When i thought everything will be okay after i graduated from degree. 

And here i am,  live the life that i cant barely accept the way it is,  live the life that i will never be happy,  i know,  we will never know  until the end of the day. So that means we have to keep living this way?. 

Time. Please wait.  I will change. I will make a new decision,  everytime i fall,  ill stand up and walking again,  i will never turning back. And i will never ever says 'kalau aku still kerja kat sana mesti.... '

Never.  I will leave,  trust me. life never been easy from the very beginning.  Never for me.  Kalau nak hidup senang,  memang takkan dapat,  ada cuma terselit dalam hari hari yg kita lalui hari- hari.

Kalau aku kata aku kerja susah,  tipu.  Aku kerja senang sangat.  Kerja yang simple,  duduk depan pc. Kadang xyah pakai otak. Kadang bodoh ja duduk situ. Then one day i got scolded,  asked me to improve the office,  and give benefit to the office,  jgn asyik main fon ja.

The part of main fon,  yes,  i admit my fault and it only happens once, after i finished my sijil job witch took me about 2weeks straight to finish it, and just that day aku rileks kejap sbb takde job sgt. What kind of improvement that i can make,  bila byk benda aku suggest di diamkan. My enthusiasm gone waste at the beginning of the job, how come that spirit will come again whenever people don't  appreciate.

Oh well,  tak appreciate works tu biasalah. Tp bila dh kata aku tak buat kerja tu aku tak follow up tu dh mcm keterlaluan jugak lah. Me myself,  is the most rajin student ever, self-proclaimed whetever .  But when it comes to buat untuk others,  please have a respect,  you want me to improve this and that,  first improve how do you works with your words.

Ah malas nk cakap banyak,  kalau dh tak suka tu,  it could be anything right?  I hate it. But this is my fate,  coz maybe someday ill say thanks,  coz gimme opportunity and made me realized how important my decision for myself. 😂😂😂😂

So,  dear myself,  dear you and me.

Buatlah keputusan yang terbaik dlm hidup,  dont waste your life,  your time.  Memang kita takkan tauu pun apa keputusan kita tu ok ke tak smpai kita kene hadap kita punya decision. Ask Allah.

Its okay,  we can always give ourself another chance. Give ourself life,  opportunity that our heart want it.
Kadang mmg hidup tak seperti yg kita nak. Mmg tak dapatlah semua benda jadi kan,  the thing is,  kau happy ke tak?

Cari benda yg buat kau happy dan takkan myesal seumur hidup kau.

Trust me.

Duit tu penting,  tapi kau?  Sapa lagi penting. Buat benda yg kau suka. Benda kau nak,  tp jgn buat half-hearted.  And you know,  jalan yg buat kita bahagia tu pun belum tentu jalan yang bahagia.

Dear kazehaya,
I will come to you one day
Holding these daisies.
That will remind us, the hardship
That we gone through,
The fate that we never know.
The love we never taste,
The excuses for us to meet.

I will always pray the Best for you.
And for me and us.
If we're not meant to be, then
I hope i will still be happy,
With Allah's fate. I trust Him.

But maybe if someday
We're meant to be

I will come to you,
To  hear that you love me,
And ask me to marry you,
And i will say
I love you

Sincerely,  perempuan gatal.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reaching you

I wonder what kind of reason should I make for us to meet?

Or maybe ill just be honest,  and tell you what it really means.

To spend time with you and to always by your side.

Be honest, but everybody dont want to be an annoying person isn't it? 

But is it okay for me to be annoying after all?

Maybe I could lower my ego and ask you about yourself.

Or maybe i will just keep watching you from far?  But now,  you stay in a world where even my eyes reach you.

Will my feeling reach you?will you ever Notice me? 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Travel Japan with your own itinerary. (Summer 2016)

Hi assalamualaikum people, have a good saturday. Mood harini mmg mood nak share pasal Jepun, yeah, still fresh lagi so sebab tu kena share awal2, kalau tak nnti lupa pulak. Japan is a great country. ok nnti lah aku cerita. But our step to go there is little bit different kan. sebab ktorg memang plan nak pergi sendiri. Eventhough still banyak tempat yang tak dapat pergi, but i am sure, that will be enough for org yang tak brapa nak ada budget or takut budget lari. This is what I learned from our trip, But of course there must be a better plan drpd org lain, perhaps. But before that I want to apologize because this post contain Duo-language (rojak) which I rojak Malay and English. Well, obviously coz my english wasnt good enough. wakakaka!

Kalau korang yang tak biasa travel sendiri, better cari kawan yg pernah travel, means yg pernah lah pergi dua tiga kali and bleh survived kat negara orang. Dont be afraid to try. kalau tak bila lagi korang nak merasa kan? ha hah ha

First of all, ktorg beli tiket promotion ke kansai airport using Airasia, around RM1005, kira dapat murah sbb tengah promo kan. pastu dah beli tiket, baru Gelabah nak kumpul duit. kahkah

1. Deciding which place to go. 

Everyone must have their own dream to go to Japan and to visit somewhere, and for me, the places I wanted to visit the most are, "Denden Town(Osaka)" and "Arashiyama(Kyoto)". Sebelum nak pergi tu, pilih dulu beberapa tempat yang korang nak pergi. List kan sahaja dahulu mana2 tempat, sekali dengan tempat yang ada entrance fees or masuk free. But for the 4 of us, mula2 bincang awal2, then sorg said nak pergi bamboo forest, then Umeda Sky building, then ada yg decided sama2 macam nak pergi museum house and living tu. Make sure tempat yang korang nak pergi tu worth it lah sebab nanti rugi je balik asyik merungut tak best. hahaha, But anyhow, macam mana kita nak tahu tempat tu worth it ke tak kalau kita tak pergi kan? 

Every place tarikan pelancong tu pergi je. Contoh kat Kyoto, ktorg pergi je. eg; Arashiyama Bamboo forest, kiyomizu-dera temple(paling debak), Kinkakuji temple, Fushimi-inari.

2. Choose hotel while set up your own itinerary.

After you have done your istikharah which places to go, now go and find hotel at or Agoda,com or Airbnb, or trivago, or whatsoever platform that you could find the cheapest hotel near to all the places you've planned to go. It is not easy for us to decide mula2, since everything seems unclear, to find such a good hostels and cheap and has a good review need a lots of research. But alhmdulillah, We listed all possible guesthouse and hotels that might be cheap and near to our destination. and yeah. for KYOTO we choose KHAOSAN KYOTO GUESTHOUSE. it was really2 great guesthouse, I really2 love it, but too bad we stayed for just 1 night. huhu. 

The bathroom is great, the lounge and kitchen is great, it is really suitable and comfortable that you could meet other travelers from various countries. and malaysia pun ada masa tu. Their staff also friendly and can speak english. yeah, so basically I would rate Khaosan 4.9/5. we rented 1 room for 4 people, but it is too small to pray, since we have lots of luggage and bags and stuff. But, we manage to. yay!, they have kedai2 like 7e and family mart nearest. 

2, Set up your own Itinerary. 

Ok lepas dah tahu semua benda pasal tempat korang nak pergi tu. Maka, perlulah kornag tengok Maps punya train & Subway & Buses. Honestly, Japan's subway punya railway is quite confusing and berselirat macam apa. But we manage to understand after few days understanding the maps. Aaminah now is the who understand the maps.  This itinerary should have a details such as places, which subways or buses nearest, how to get there, you should walk or something. Since Aaminah, Aina and Caje is quite particular person, I mean, 3 of them macam debak, and know everything , booking and pay that and these, iam just, idling around and doin nothing. >.< (gomenasaiaaaa), so they prepared already the itinerary.

To make easier to know your subways or train lines, I suggest you Hyperdia apps, maybe you should download in your phone siap siap, or mybe cari awal2 dan tulis siap2.There are something like, you line, train and fare dah siap2 kat situ, and other alternative way. 

3. Know your budget

By using hyperdia, you will know all the fare from one station to next station. From Kansai Airport, we are buying ICOCA CARD + HARUKA EXPRESS (JR LINE), hat ni mmg jimat lah kalau korang straight terus pergi KYOTO. so ktorg beli tix terus ke KYOTO, Hanya dalam 3600JYP saja. murahkan? but the tix for Kyoto only 1600JYP, so you guys still have 2000JPY baki ICOCA CARD kat dalam tu. and you can use almost all train termasuk JR,(japan railway.) Btw, for sapa yg tak tahu ICOCA CARD works like T&G card. so keep calm and topup your icoca card. yummmm

Idk, why people said JR mahal, sedangkan private line macam Hanshin or Sennichimae line lagi mahal sebenarnya, it cost like 240JPY per station. mahal en? idk, but JR pun murah saja ada tu ktorg pergi satu station ada dalam 180JPY or 160JPY jer. tapi mana2 lah2 semua ok.

So, after dah tahu cara nak pergi naik apa and harga berapa, you will know your total budget for transportation and Hotel right? and for us, masa tu dapat murah, so ktorg bayar for Khaosan dalam RM130 (pernight) 3500JPY quite expansive tp worth it im tellin ya, duduk ja sini. ha ha ha. and , and for Sakura Hotel, we paid sorang 11000JPY = RM430 appx for 4 nights (very cheap). 

Sakura Hotel  best jugak since keluar daripada station Tannimachi-9 Chome line Tannimachi. EXIT 6, terus nampak hotel. jenuh jugak nak naik tangga apa semua. ha ha. but Sakura hotel is quite near to Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, dia macam center je, naik brapa train saja sudah sampai gitu. worth it. alhmdulillah. and total for our transportation daripada KYoto to osaka almost like 12000JPY.

Infront of Sakura Hotel, so cute. wearing oldschool skirt.

Sakura hotel lounge 

we bought nasi jepun at 179JPY per 3 packs, murah sangat. lol 

p/s; btw, Sakura hotel ada deposit for key 1000JPY per key so, sediakan bajet, nnti dia pulang balik lepas kita kluaq.

4. Enjoy your trip.

I think there's no problem if you already have your own plan and itinerary, No matter what follow what you have already planned, unless kalau korang pergi sana and masa banyak lagi perhaps korang boleh selitkan benda2 baru korang nampak kat sana.  and for us, bertindan dengan Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, bila jalan2 kat sana, actually dah jumpa dedua, kira satu malam tu ktorg dah pergi Dotonbori dengan Shinsaibashi. halamak, takkan nak p dua kali, lol lagi pun shinsaibashi dgn Dotonbori sama ja benda2 dia jual, mmg murah! guys i told ya barang2 kat pharmacies dia murah2 contoh bedak compact ke or lipstick ke, beli je kalau ada duit. hahahahaha

Day 1
Kansai Airport-Kyoto = 3600JPY (included Icoca 2000JPY)
total = 4250JPY  (g arashiyama skali)

Kyoto tower, they got Prayer room for muslims, staff very friendly and dapat rehat kejap with all luggage , very clean and neat. ada aircond jepun. 

Met this indonesian gal , and she speak Japanese, Korean, chinese and Indonesia. omg, she so cool, and she offered to help us masa baru sampai kyoto. 
Photo credit : Enjelika

Bamboo Forest.
Credit photo : Nysazadashas

Otw back home, we found this KIMONO forest. I think that might be the type of kain and pattern they used for Kimono. at Arashiyama.

photocredit ; enjlikas

Day 2
Pi Kinkakuji (The golden temple)
Pi Kiyomizu-dera temple (jalan sambil cuci dosa)
Pi Fushimi Inari temple

Total Kyoto overal sampai balik Osaka 5890JPY (max appx)

Kinkakuji Temple.
photocredits ; enjelikas
Kiyomizu Dera Temple

Yang ni lah jalan yang aku cakap Kiyomizu dera temple yang hapus dosa korang kalau jalan (kidding)
sebabb dia jauhgila, and hotse, and naik bukit, alah thats fine sebab ada org naik pakai Kimono with terompah kayu tu. so kewl~~~~

blakang tu Kiyomizuderasastabajnsak
photo credit : Aaminas

photo credit : Aaminas
Basuh tangan ayaq suci sejukkk weyyyyy.
photo credit;Aaminas

tak smyg pun, tgk ja
photo credit;Aaminas

Day 3
Pi house and living museum Osaka (entrance fee 700JYP but fortunately they asked for students card, so ktorg apa lagi kluaqkan matric card UIA ni ha...daapat dalah 300JPY sorg...)
why izit worth it masuk museum ni? sebab best gila u got to wearing KIMONO for HALF an hour for 300JPY it was so cheap im tellin ya. 

total day 3 - 2010JPY but we spent less than this sebab entrance fee murah kan. so byk jimat.

ni museum kak, not the real town , but almost like a real, erythingsashasa lkeahv reaslasa -.-
its too amazing

rent KIMONO 300JPY kau, mana nak dapat.

photocredit ; random visitor

photo credit :enjelikas

photo credit :aaminas

Fine art museum, ktorg p nak amik gambaq structure je (konon budak aad kan) LOL
Photocredit ; aaminas

So we visited Osaka Mosque kat Chibune, 
Ate pakistane food. alhmdulilah finally hv a proper meal, delicious beb! srsly tak tipu.

we got to see this amazing view from Chibune punya bridge otw pergi Osaka Mosque

Dotonbori river


photocredit ; enjelikas,aaminas, 

OSAKA CASTLE (dok masuk pun)
NAMBA PARKS (garden bertingkat,it was beautiful if u love flowers)
Shinsaibashi (shopping street, i bought shoes for 1650JPY)

Osaka castle. 
photocredit; Enjelikas

garden sblm kluaq osaka castle punya taman.

Area osaka castle.

Namba Parks (Floating garden)

leklu nom kopi luuuu~~~~ 130JPY vending machine

total day 4= 1080JPY (act less than this, this is max appx)

Day 5
SAKURANOMIYA (tempat org tgk sakura since we go masa summer.)
UMEDA SKY BUILDING (bayaq 1000JPY) dah naik, dlm tenet tulis 700JPY
after that we split, sebab I want to buy shoes, and went to Denden town by my own (Tempat anime) wakakakaka.

Photocredit ; nysazadasss

photocredit ; Enjelikas

Umeda skybuilding
photocredit ; Enjelikas

jangan lupa bergambar ditengah2 love kat Umeda skybuilding ni. ada lovelock punya tempat.

Denden town. tempat animes

kat Malaysia boikot, kat sana, ni jela makanan aku percaya. takdak hal, aku tak boikot.
muka hitam, -.-

I went there from Dotonbori and walk more than 2 hours tak jumpa where is denden town, I singgah this capsule hotel tengah2 dotonbori and they dont know where denden town (Act they dont speak much english so tatau nak explain) , Battery nak mampuih dah, but I manage to connect with free wifi and search for Denden Town, alhmdolillah jumpa and I walk like 35minutes daripada tempat tu dan jumpa satu kedai Anime, masuk bila keluar balik daripada kedai tu I realized that alllllll building depan blakang kiri kanan is the ANIME TOWN, peh gila. ini gila. since I walked alone i almost visit all kedai yang ada. hahahaha. so puas hati got to see my fav character and there are so much character that I didnt know. macam2 ada. 

bila dah jalan2 then i realized, oh tonight is the last night and there was Tenjin Matsur (Summer festival) invite Hantu. Festival Hantu actually. hahaha. but after long walk, rasa macam tak comfortable.

so I rushed balik Sakura hotel and tukar baju and then I went to Tenjin Matsuri at 7pm and stop at Tenjimbashi Station. It was really crowded in the train with people wearing Kimono and yukata (donno the different) , their make up and hair are so beautiful just for this festival. That's their culture, iam so glad im be able to participate it.

Total belanja overal = idk around 32000JPY jugak, (rm1200+)

so next post aku akan cerita exclusive untuk TENJIN MATSURI saja. tak larat lah nak ceghita semua.

so overall, Japan is really2 a great country to visit. It was good if you able to learn their language, Japanese people really kind and willing to help you eventhough they dont understand english that much, they are willing to help you. And also, in the subway, i was cuci mata tgk mamat2 jepun yang handsome handsome yang aku slalu tengok dalam dorama and movie jepun. hahahahaha. well i guess my taste mmg laki jepun. alah. mata sepet putih and sopan santun gitu. comey sangat. tapi apalah yang aku mampu. hanya mampu usha2 senpai dan kohai daripada jauh saja. wuwuwuwuw....

i cried otw balik. sikit jelah, sbb Allah gv this opportnities to tengok everything that  I wanted to see. culture, technologies, people,what they believe, what are they gone through everyday, their house and lving, how they have vending machine almost anywhere, you will not die sebab thirsty sbb vending machine tu dah macam cendawan. mana mana ja ada. LOL.

and tips for travel partner, just travel dgn org yang kau suka and senang. Dont end up hating each other and ignore each other. No matter what, kita dah pergi sama sama, nak taknak kene sabar and terima perangai masing masing, kalau tak ok tegurlah paling cikai pun. This is where we get to know each other kan. But iam so glad and bersyukur my travel partners is caje, aina and aa, they are very kind, and pandai ambil gambar (paling penting) hahaha. and sabar with my perangai. and i also feel bad lah sbb ada jugak buat perangai in the middle and along the way -.- amazing depa bleh sabau dgn prangai aku.

setiap journey yang kita planned. Allah pun planned, and Allah is the best planner. we have to accept that apa benda yang kita rancang mmg kadang2 slalu tak jadi, kalau jadi Alhmdulillah kalau tak jadi slalu saja ada hikmahNya yang kita dapat along the way right?

I was sesat at Denden Town, like 2 hours, (ada hikmahNya Iwent there alone, kalau depa ikut skali dah mengamuk dah) hahaha. but actually there are always Allah punya planning different for 4 of us.

mula2 pergi I was like, tak cukup bajet and everything, but then dah pergi sana train lagi murah ada entrance fee , and i got extra money from my brother, so ada duit lebih rupanya. Then syukurlah perjalanan pun tak mahal, bleh beli apa yng I need and sourvenir for important people kan, for appreciation.

Tips for makan : we were so jimat bila bawak makanan from Malaysia, which are 3 in 1 , maggie tu kalau bleh bawak banyak sket, then, lauk2 siap BrAHIMs lauk, the beli nasik pack kat Jepun. ada kedai runcit yg jual murah. Then i beli teloq kat Family mart to tambah lauk. haha sebab almost nak muntah makan lauk brahims dgn nasik, I got muak on 4th day ke tak silap. hmmmmmmm. tp sykurlah ada makanan. hahahaha. we beli makanan dekat Chibune (osaka mosque) ada area makanan halal kat situ kan, tu jela aku makan ayam tandori 200JPY seketul, and taste Eyena punya cheese Nan (sedap gila ) 600JPY.

Tips for jenjalan ; Make sure you fit lah, jogging at least a week full, (aku tak pun tu sbb kaki rasa nak patah) , nnti cepat penat pastu cepat marah, lagi2 panas kan summmer. so, get yourself a lot of sabar and energy. jangn risau, vending mechnine berlambak kalau dahaga.

Wifi: they always promoting free wifi kat mana2, MANA2. seriously literally mana2, even dalam 7E ada, Family Mart ada. so dont worry if you cant get connected.

If you really want to travel, make up your mind, kumpul duit betul2, and buat keputusan by choosing the right travel partner, they might be a bigger help pasal duit ka, or pasal everything. Get to know people yg ada experiences, tanya and consult with them, biar nampak buduh pun, kene brave and brani bertanya, (importnat element in travelling) . put it in your mind that both of you still new, and first time datang kat situ, so anythng happen we will learn something new. Allah Ya Baari always have best plan for you. and Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim always bless you sentiasa sepanjang perjalanan, you will be blessed, trust me, Keagunan dan kasih sayang Allah tu sangat luas walau kat Jepun ke , Malaysia ke, thailand ka, DIA sentiasa ada bersama kita. dont worry. ok? Daijobu. InsyaAllah everything will be fine. jangan takut untuk mencuba.

amboi panjang hakak karang. peluh ketiak. ok goodluck , pape bleh PM akak bleh lah akak share private2 kan. hahahahaha.

sapa2 aada information tambahan pun bleh lah share ngan akak. akak ingat nak pergi lagi lah. tengok camna. hihihihih


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"wahai orang-orang yang beriman, Mengapa kamu mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak kamu kerjakan?" "Allah sangat benci jika kamu mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak kamu kerjakan" Assoff:2-3