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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Characteristics of TIME

Today. I wouldn't talk about TIME management
But I want to introduce to you
What is characteristic of Time,
Look, before we work with somebody,
we should know them first,  right?
it same happens with FRIENDS.
If you wanna make friends with TIME
: D

Let us consider time- its attributes and aspects.. However ,bear  in mind that this is like trying to bottle the ocean in a single container. Since we know that we cannot bottle time's whole ocean, maybe we can find some key  characteristic of time that will allow is to peek into its mystery . Once we know something about time , the question becomes :How we can translate these philosophical ,conceptual understandingg of time into something useful that will make time our supporter  instead of our enemy?

contemplate and meditate on the hidden meanings of the following points until you can experience them as living realities . You will  thereby come to inexorably know that you  are the embodiment of time, even as you are a player  in the midst of the chaos of daily activities. 

1) The Reality of time exist only within us.

2) The experience of the length of time shifts according to our state of consciousness . Five minute may seem to be forever  ,and Five hours  may seem to a  fleeting  moment.

3) Although time consist of a past and present , with a potential  for future , time only truly exist in the moment of  "now" .

4) Time is  an infinite series  of "now" strung togather.

5) Each  moment , each "now" carries the entire past and determines the entire future.

6) The way we spend each "Now" creates our destiny. 

7)Managing time is about managing ourselve. its about  focus , purpose, and priority. When we are in the moment of  "now"  , we are in timelessness-the eternity, the time beyond time. 

8) When you live your life by reacting to the outer chaos. you are at the mercy of time, and time victimize you.

9) when you operate your life from the serene stillness of your inner peace, time protects you and serves you. 

10) When our time  is up. No amount of money can buy us a single extra moment.

11) If our successes do not become reality before our death , we have only ourselves to blame- we have misused time, our moments of "now" .

ALLAH...I will I love read ISLAMIC BOOK also
but now I like read western philosophical book..
Islamic book is waiting FOR ME !!!


  1. Assalamualaikum. Ana menyarankan untuk ustazah baca buku Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi bertajuk 'Pengurusan Masa Menurut Islam'. Bacaannya agak berat, tapi ada manfaatnya.

  2. wsalam. Syukran, insyaAllah..
    ana tau islam punye lagi bagus dari western.
    cuma take time nak terima yang agak berat.


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