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Monday, January 24, 2011


This is actually my note about sikhism.

 This is GURU, they have 10 guru in Sikhism, which is have their own work, such as in malaysia we call it as ministry. so, they also have the guru of hospitalz, kitchen and also an army :)
 This is 5 Karkas, that must followed by KHALSA, Khalsa mean the faith and really loyal to Sikhism. They already be baptized by AMRIT, amrit mean the holy water that made from sugar,  and they must follow this 5 kARKAS.
 This is KHALSA.

This is the Symbols of SIKHISM 
 This is the golden temple called GURDWARA
 and this is the guide for Sikhism.
This is the Scripture in SIKHISM called GURU GRAND SAHIB
why guru?
it also consider the last guru mean the eleventh guru that
leave their teaching to the khalsa or singh 
the target of SIKHISM, is to achieve MUKHTI,
Mukhti means, The reunion with god, actually it is the same concept with MOKSHA
so, how to achieve MUKHTI?
1) Practices SIMRAN (devotees)
2) practices SEWA (willing to sacrifice or serve)
3) Meditation with god names
4)fight for justice
this is DASTAR
you know, that singh person always wear
this  is because show the royalty and dignity.
lastly, the concept of KARMA (ACTIONS)
SAMSARA (the process of rebirth)
MUKHTI (reunion with Sat NAM or Waheguru)

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