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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Saja nak share...yang aQ da apply MMU :D hehe

Thank You For Using The System
Your Details Are Successfully Inserted Into The Database
Your Application Reference Number : 314948

Please ensure that you will submit all the items listed below:
A money order / postal order worth RM20.00 (non-refundable) made payable to Universiti Telekom Sdn. Bhd. for processing fee.
A self-addressed envelope,i.e 19cm x 25cm with RM1.00 worth of stamps affixed on the envelope.
**Certified true copy of actual SPM or equivalent / 'O' Level / SPMV / other examination results.
**Certified true copy of actual STPM and MUET or equivalent / A Level / UEC / other examination results.
*Certified true copy of MUET result.
Certified true copy of Diploma / Certificate results
Certified true copy of transcript from the respective University / Institution.
**Certified true copy of extra-curriculum certificates(activities).
**Certified true copy of Identity Card.
2 recent passport sized photographs, with your name and Application Reference Number written at the back.
Certified true copy of the Telekom Staff Card (if either parent of the applicant is a staff of Telekom Malaysia).
Submission of SPM & MUET results are required for applications into degree programme.
**Document can be certified by Secondary School Principal / Division A Government Officer / Commissioner of Oath.
 All of the above items should be sent to
Admission, Busary & Local Promotions 
( Application On-line )
Multimedia University
Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama
75450 Melaka
orAdmission, Bursary and Local Promotions
( Application On-line )
Multimedia University
Jalan Multimedia
63100 Cyberjaya Selangor


  1. hurm... are u sure?
    istikarah dah?
    try think deeply syg

  2. yang postal order tu macam mana? tak faham ah.
    boleh tahu cam mana kau bayar?

    p/s: hope get to hear from you asap


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