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Friday, April 1, 2011

.::My Architecture Student::.

In My Class~In my Art Class, i teach them how to make a box, This is their first project. They do in group  :) 

These are, Daud, Adam, and Fattah. Their group really passion in work. I like this group.

The cutting mat just have one~So, they have to share in one table. 

This is NABAWI~ haha..he also really passion in work. but sometimes he  just like blur~haha...

This is me???OMG !!

aGAIN...fattah, Adam and DAUD.....

This group I also like, They're really creative in arrange their colour and their wOrks,

GAM time !!Passionate !!

By hook or by crook,I have to teach them one by one. and show their mistake. {actually my mistake} hhuhu

I am really not expert, but I'll try give the best !!

Here, another group ! CUTE !! haha

MAWAR-The group name ! Fantastic isnt it?

CUTTING TIME-Becareful  Dear, Or else you will  hurt yourself.

COLOURING TIME-This is creative !

RED-BLACK? what do you think?

I think they really love my subject !!


  1. zatuL; haaa..bgus jugakk...akk xbrape pandai..haha..meh..balek mesia mehhh..aja dak2 ni ART//./..dak2 ni mmg minatt

  2. bagus2...jadi architect mcm ckgu yana yer..:P...haha~

  3. YANA ; PRASANNN .... "cikgu..cikgu ni arkitek ea?" hahaa..


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