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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

yada...yada..u tell meh.

Internship programme is already past 1 week ago. and this is the 2nd week. Well, the reason why i didnt update or upload anything about internship kat Ig and Twitter fb just because it was a promise for myself. Taknak update kat laman social about for these 5 month. hopefully berjaya. so, kalau aku gian sangat nak update ke ape ke, iwill just go straight to this blog or my notes. payah jugak ada syndrome nak cerita kat orang nih. is not like aku takut company tau pasal update or whatsoever, just because. 

Living at rumah sewa is harder than I thought. nothing easy when u live independently, plus we didnt get any allowance for this internship. well, iam not going to say anything about this payless job. or free worker here. Its already decided before we came here, regardless what happen in the future, we;re not going to blame ourself, or hide any guilt feelings of being so brave to choose internship placement without payment.

First masuk rumah kosong. kosong.tadak apa. so we have to go shopping almari, penyangkut baju and whatseoever, next, food. because we cant cook(actually wait for our kakaks housmate provide dapur). You see, this is lagi sad because Puchong Puteri is actually Chinese territory, i mean like, we cant find any malays restaurant or stall here, Maygod. worst ever. there;s one day, we spend almost like an hour just looking for the Malays restaurant. oh please. i dont prefer Mamak. not at all. Except for emergency cases. 

After spending quite a lot for living expenses, then we have to figure out about gas expenses lah, sebab pakai kereta and hari2 lalu highway and rempuh jam. well, Puchong is actually famous of being Jammed isnt there? whatever. We also subscribe for Maxis Broadband. yeah. also termasuk dlm expenses yg kena bayar every month.

I just knew that some of my friend dapat tempat intern yg dpt hight payment. tipulah kalau tak rasa ralat walaupun sikit. dah la depa duduk hostel. dont have to pay for sewa or another expenses. 
haha. kalau fikir balik. tak logic kan? we already know yg xkan dapat allowance, lepastu duduk lagi rumah sewa. apalah sebenarnya yang ktorg fikir?

idk. seriously i really dont know. iam seriously waiting for that we called hikmah right now. My faith skrg ni memang tengah tinggi, percaya kat tuhan, tuhan akan bagi yang terbaik utk hambaNya. mana mana aku pergi pun, pasti ada hikmahNya, byk elaun ke takde elaun ke, itu rezeki semua datang daripada Dia, sekarang ni dah tercatat laluan aku dan Nada kat sini. laluan ni. laluan takde elaun dan laluan rumah sewa. adalah rezeki kat sini dan cabaran kat sini. dia kat sana. adalah rezeki dia belah sana. everybody will get rezeki masing masing. dont worry. dont despair. *nodded*

Actually my tempat intern is not really bad. somehow i feel bersyukur sebab this company really interesting. well, in their very own way. bukan pasal kerja ja. macam2 lah. fellow buddies. pasal tender, mengamuk kat ofis. bergaduh itu ini. redo. kena layan budak praktikal . kah! but the interesting fate is, both designers is actually our super duper senior. kerja dengan cina not bad. not bad at all. haha. 

The hardest part right now is to make ourself professional. maksudnya buat kerja laju lah. honestly its litte bit dissapointed when we have to use our own laptop to do that kind of heavy works. nak render 3dmax lagi. autocad. phsop. ah apalah smua nak kena render, kadang2 bukak semua in one time. lembab. 

To gain kepercayaan from fellow designer is quite hard. but they really kind lah. boleh je ajar ajar apa2 yang tak tahu. just ask them. but now. dah masuk fasa 2nd week masing2 dah dapat projek masing2, then we have to responsbile dengan design masing2. which is. kena sign. haha. pape hal. kau jawablah lepas kau dah sign. sekian.

oh, btw, our company atas ofis bawah kilang, so along the way we could learn little bit about materials and wtoever. pagi2 ofis bukak like 815 but we always arrived early before 8. kat ktorg punya company bila bukak je pintu kilang tu akan ada 2 ekor anjing kluar, they always linger around kat depan company. well, it chinese anyway, but it looks like stray dogs, and they dont really pay attention pun. bila dah tiga hari jumpa depa berdua i decided to name them as "nurul" and "Nada" , i know its not really nice to give nama kat anjing , well, anjing pun haiwan jugak. is actually Nada mmg takut gila anjing, so nak kurangkan anxious dia kat anjing tu lah. not even make eye contact with em. hahaha. pagi2 mst prob nk masuk ofis. anjing duk guard kat depan. Anyway. 

argh. actually is too much to story about internship. yelah, bebudak eksaited. biasalahkan. well. later!

#np Di sini untukmu - my own cover. like. yeah! obses with ma own voice.

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